6 Simple Tips For People With Oily Skin

tips for people with oily skin

Oily skin can be a real nuisance and if not managed properly can lead to other problems such as blocked, enlarged pores and acne. Following these six simple tips can take your oily skin from bothersome to beautiful in no time. 1. Look for “Oil-Free” Products: There are masses of products on the market designed for people with oily skin, look for labels that state “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic”. Products described as “mattifying” are also good for managing oil and reducing…

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5 Worst Beauty Hacks You Should Never Try

beauty hacks you should not try

The 5 Worst Beauty Tips 1. Vaseline For Chapped Lips: Vaseline is a versatile tool for any beauty lover, but chapped lip remedy should be one use you cross off your list. Vaseline is essentially a barrier cream and actually offers little to no moisturizing benefit. Switch it for a nourishing balm and your lips will thank you. 2. Toothpaste For Spots/Pimples: Starting with an oldie here, who hasn’t heard this one? If you have ever had a spot then…

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6 Simple Tips For People With Dry Skin

tips for people with dry skin

Problem skin, it’s an issue we’ve all had to deal with at least once in our life and for many of us it’s a constant battle to maintain a healthy, happy complexion.For those of us with a dry skin type, information on how to care for your skin can be especially difficult to come by, but as with all skin types, following a few simple tips can may a whole world of difference to your face.1. Pick the right moisturiser:For…

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