5 Worst Beauty Hacks You Should Never Try

beauty hacks you should not try

The 5 Worst Beauty Tips

1. Vaseline For Chapped Lips:

Vaseline is a versatile tool for any beauty lover, but chapped lip remedy should be one use you cross off your list. Vaseline is essentially a barrier cream and actually offers little to no moisturizing benefit. Switch it for a nourishing balm and your lips will thank you.

2. Toothpaste For Spots/Pimples:

Starting with an oldie here, who hasn’t heard this one? If you have ever had a spot then chances are, at some point, you have been told you should try dabbing on a little toothpaste.

The method behind this madness is that it will dry out the pimple and voila, problem solved. Now it’s true that toothpaste does contain ingredients that can dry out spots, (alcohol, triclosan and menthol to name a few) however, these ingredients can also be very irritating when applied to the skin. Not only will they dry out the skin surrounding the spot, but applying harsh chemicals to already sore and aggravated skin can also potentially result in chemical burns and scarring.

3. Hot Sauce Lip Plumper:

Where do we even start with this one? We get it, the pursuit of plump, luscious lips is a familiar one, but it seems some have gone as far as to smear their smackers with hot sauce. The most obvious point to make here is OUCH. Spicy sauces can burn at the best of times, but combined with delicate skin such as that of your lips is a big no no. You risk doing permanent damage here, so ditch the chili and stick to plumping glosses.

4. Lemon For Skin Lightening:

It seems us beauty fanatics have an obsession with smothering food on our faces. Lemon juice in particular features in all manner of beauty remedies, one popular use being for lightening the skin. From freckles to acne scarring, lemon can be beneficial for gradually lightening areas of hyperpigmentation, but like many others this remedy should be handled with care.

Lemon, as we all know, is acidic and therefore should be used with caution. While having very useful bleaching properties, it does also run the risk of causing irritation especially in those with dry or sensitive skin. It also increases your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight increasing the risk of sun damage.

If you do brave this one, make sure to dilute the lemon with water and use a good moisturizer with SPF afterwards.

5. Coffee Fake Tan:

Here’s one from our mums, using coffee grounds as an alternative to fake tan. While we are all for safe, sunless tanning this one has had it’s day. With all the cheap and effective gradual and fake tanners out there, there’s just no need to be bothering yourself with the streaky, mess of using coffee any more.

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