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    5 Natural Remedies For Oral Thrush

    remedies to help improve oral thrush

    It sounds horrible, it feels horrible and we all get it. But it’s actually pretty easy to remedy, if you are a girl in the know. We have scoured the internet to find you 5 of the best natural remedies to help you cure Oral Thrush. Natural means the remedies will have less impact on your body and usually, they’re pretty cheap too, which is always nice.What is Oral Thrush?As I said, it’s pretty darn common. The big boy name…

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  • exposed skincare review

    Exposed Skin Care Review

    Acne can be like a greek tragedy for some women and girls. It really plays havoc with self esteem and confidence, making women feel ugly. I’ve been fortunate that I only…

  • X Out 30 Day Wash-In Combo with Spot Corrector Acne Treatment Review

    X Out Review: Is It Up To The Hype?

    X Out 30 Day Wash-In Combo with Spot Corrector Acne Treatment ReviewThey have many names and none make them less of a nuisance. Acne, zits, pimples. Whenever you call them, they…

  • clearproof acne system reviewed

    Clearproof Acne Systems Review

    For me, the hardest part to managing my skin is knowing how to mix and match the different products I need for my routine. Especially if you suffer from oily skin…

  • get rid of ingrown hair

    How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

    As girls we can’t win. We strive to keep our bodies beautifully smooth and hair free or be ridiculed by society. No one wants to be the hairy circus freak they…

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